Beauty Studio by CYDEX!A is the new and improved CYDEX!A Photography studio. Now integrated with a dedicated beauty studio, the studio offers you beauty, makeup & hair services, lash extensions and brow services, classes and workshops.

The new Beauty Studio also offers you a beautiful collection of intricate lingerie, for purchase and use in photo sessions.

About the Photographer

Known for his personal style and an eye for simplistic beauty, CYDEX!A has been photographing people for over 16 years. From high profile celebrity weddings to private clients, subjects have included fashion models, actresses, Playboy models and personalities. 

His work has been published in magazines such as PlayboyAZURE and Surface and his photography, lighting and post production workshops have been popular with enthusiastic amateurs and professionals alike.

He has served as a creative director and editor to digital and print publications, and he is an avid and attentive still and video post producer. Some of his other digital ventures have included designs for computer games, and art direction for advertising campaigns.

Having photographed more than 800 private clients alone since 2013 and more than 3000 subjects altogether, he is adept at making anyone feel at ease during a session and providing directions to models and non-models.



Awesome portraits, the picture almost breathes.
- Veikko Stockel

An engaging combination of vulnerability and sexiness.
- Paul Francis

You are great at capturing the perfect expression.
- Daniella Obraztsova

Sensual perfection.
- Bryan Benoit

Beautiful, natural looking photos, you've got the lighting skills.
- Clayton Cooper

Beaut*iful Pictures.
- Saira de Goede



About the Beauty Team

The Beauty Team at the studio is an integral part of offering quality services to our clients.  Our makeup and hair specialist, certified lash specialist, and assistant help you transform to your most beautiful self during photo sessions or standalone services. The style and work quality of our beauty experts is reflected in the imagery by CYDEX!A, simply view some featured images to get a sense of what our experienced beauty experts are capable of. 



Autumn by www.cydexia.com


About the Space

The Beauty studio is a minimalistic space with large windows looking over the city of Vancouver and the North Shore, featuring natural light. Fixtures and furniture are scarce to keep the images simple and uncluttered. The space features mostly white and furniture with accent blues, darker brown hardwood floors, with a makeup and lash station, lingerie racks and fitting mirror, and a few other amenities.