How do I contact your team? 

We are a small team of only 3 or 4. We cannot offer phone service or support, for booking sessions, or ordering photos etc. Please use the contact page. Please follow the instructions that you are given via email. We do not use phone, text messaging, or social media messaging to discuss appointments and orders. Please use the automated booking system to request a session, and the payment link sent to you to make payments, and email to order or follow up on your photos. 


What sort of things do you shoot? 

We shoot creative portraits and beauty, corporate and creative head shots, boudoir / bridal boudoir, artistic nudes, glamour nudes, some maternity, intimate couples, with a modern feel and theme. We do not shoot casual portraits, family photos, group photos, children or newborns, pets, or weddings. 


Can I have a pinup / retro / rustic / victorian / other boudoir session?

Our photography style is uniquely more contemporary and modern. Accordingly, we shoot in a modern space with minimal props and decor. We consider our imagery to be sensual portraits. If you are looking for a Victorian feel and theme for example, we are not suited for your interests.  Please view our gallery for an idea of what our imagery looks like.


I don't look like the models on your website, could / should I book your services? 

We have captured hundreds of clients of all shapes and body types, and of ages 19 to 70! We shoot plenty of private clients (approaching a thousand!). However, due to common desire of most private clients to keep the images for their eyes only, most of our images published online are of models who are comfortable with display of their sensual / risqué imagery.

Do you post my boudoir pictures on facebook / instagram / your website? 

No. We understand the sensitive nature of private imagery, and that you may have a high profile career, or be in the public eye for example. All private shoots regardless of nature, are for the client's eyes only. We do not publish any of your photos anywhere available to the public. This is to ensure your peace of mind, privacy, and to give you the freedom to enjoy testing your creative boundaries, and experiment during your session. This is also why the images featured on our gallery are of our photography subjects comfortable with display of their sensual / risqué imagery.  Additionally, at your written request, we will delete our copy of your images. Your images are often deleted based on our storage space constraints after a while anyway, but this is not always guaranteed unless you explicitly request it.

I don't feel receiving my photos via email or a cloud are safe enough. Can we do this all offline? 

Typically there are 2 delivery steps: one to send you a preview sheet of all shots, and one to send you final imaged you select from the preview. These are not emailed, but placed on a cloud and a private link is emailed (or sent to you via text if you wish), then your images and index are deleted at your request. If you wish to not have these items online anywhere at any time, we can do these two deliveries via two USB flash drives in two stages (means two pickups), if you bring them when you attend your session, and later pick up in person at our next availability. We offer USB drives at $9 each for purchase, if you do not wish to provide them yourself. We do not take any responsibility for lost or stolen images in the mail, or other methods of delivery other than provided here. Images will be encrypted on storage drives for this purpose.

I have never done this before. How do even I prepare before a boudoir shoot? What do I bring, etc.

Please read this information sheet regarding boudoir shoots. You should bring your own lingerie, and a robe if you wish for one for more comfort. Do not wear bronzers, or tinting or tanning lotions on your body. We may have to refuse to carry on a session if you are wearing these items.


I did a shoot with you and I am still waiting for photos. What should I do? 

Please send us an email, all existing customers have an email address for us, since we have reached to you to arrange your session previously. Please view the important notes regarding attempting to reach us via social media or text messaging, unfortunately we do not guarantee timely or accurate response due to challenges of these methods and the small size of our team. Please note that we do not promise a deadline for your image delivery, we can only suggest estimates at times.

The women in your pictures are practically naked. I don't think I am up for that!

You are in control of your session and it's overall feel and nature. It is after all, your photo session. By booking a session you are not commiting to any particular level of 'nudity'. It is however notable that often, once you feel at ease and comfortable during the session, your may not be as concerned about this, so you can make a decision once you are in the environment, and have met the team. Please read this information sheet regarding boudoir shoots. If you are not happy with this type of imagery in principle, we encourage you to choose another photography service that is better suited for your taste.

I have scars / cellulite / stretch marks / bad skin / do not like a part of my body. Can you fix this in my photos?

Most of us do. As part of our photo post production, we will invest a reasonable amount of time retouching and fixing skin imperfections, marks and scars (unless you wish to keep them), which also justifies why we charge for additional retouching fees for images not included in your package. The photographer is also quite skilled at directing and capturing you in poses, lighting and angles that are most flattering to your body and shape. While we may do some corrective reshaping of the body to enhance the overall image or fix an obvious imperfection, we believe in keeping the imagery true and realistic, and will not drastically edit the images to a point that the depiction and your real self no longer appear to be the same person, or look artificial / unreal, excessively enhanced or shrunken. 

So I just booked an appointment online. Should I show up earlier than the time booked, for the makeup artist, or to change into my outfits?.

No, please arrive at the time specified for your appointment. We often cannot accommodate if you arrive much sooner or later because of other sessions we may have before or after, and we are only at the space when we have appointments. If you booked a session at 1pm, we expect you at 1pm. Do allow for finding your way or parking if you are new to the area. Your session may take longer than specified, our calendar is set up to allow staggered bookings, meaning usually indicating your session is only 1.5 hours for example, while a typical hair, makeup and shoot session may take around 2.5 hours of your time. 


I booked a session but I'm going to do my own hair / makeup. Can I do this at your space before my session? 

Unfortunately we expect that you arrive only at the time of your appointment. We cannot accommodate use of our space or beauty stations to get ready. We offer makeup and other beauty services as part of many of our packages that you can purchase. If you opted for doing this yourself, please arrive for your appointment 'ready to shoot".


How long does it take for my photos to be ready? 

You will often receive the previews from your photo session same day or next day but this is not guaranteed. There are some exceptions when things get busy, or on a weekends, or during periods when we are not open for some time. Once you select the images to be delivered, usually less than 2-3 days but up to 10-30 days or at times longer, depending on work load and number of images ordered. You will be sent a link to conveniently download your images in full resolution. We do not offer prints or originals. If you feel your images are taking too long or if you have a deadline, please mention the deadline when you send us your order so we can do our best to deliver, however please note we do not guarantee any delivery timeline due to many factors. If you are in a rush, or need them absolutely by a certain date, we may not be your best option due to our lower pricing and nature of our operation and with a small team.

What is the point of sending you photos of myself before the shoot? 

Seeing photos of yourself in advance allows a photographer and/or a makeup & hair artist to have a better idea of your look, and plan ahead for a better shoot. It is not mandatory.

Do I bring my own wardrobe to a photo session?

If you are booked for a headshot or portrait session, you must bring your own attire. If you are booked for a boudoir session, we strongly recommend that you bring your own lingerie. We do usually have a small selection of beautiful, inctricate lingerie items in most popular sizes (S, M, 34 to 36 B, C) avialable for purchase at the studio to use for your boudoir shoot, however, due to hygiene reasons, these items cannot be worn until purchased at reasonable prices ($10 to $45 usually), and not for borrow. These items are only viewable at the space during your booking, we are unable to send you photos or any links to them as they change often. Please do not rely on our selection for your session, and come prepared with your own, regardless.

What type of lingerie do I bring to my boudoir shoot?

Bring items you feel comfortable and sexy in. We personally suggest simple, beautiful pieces, lace, textures, in softer or plain colors, as opposed to costume lingerie, rigid corsets, or intense colors (hot pink or neon green for instance). You can read more about this in our information sheet.


Will my pictures look like / as good as the ones on your website? 

You are half of the equation, when it comes to final results of a shoot. While we are experienced at directing you, every person has his/her own level of comfort, body awareness, command of facial expressions, mood and mindset, sense of adventure, etc. leading to varying results from shoot to shoot.  Also in play, is the matter of lighting. The primary source of light in the space is natural light, augmented with some filler lighting when required. This means, the feel and mood of images may vary based on daily light conditions, the time of the day, etc. While some of this can be compensated for by camera and light settings, at the end of the day, the results depend partially on natural factors at the time of your shoot, and we consider this a positive variable element in most scenarios, making your shoot unique.


Can I add services like hair and makeup to an existing certificate or voucher?

Yes but please note you need to notify us at the time of your booking, of services you require. Services cannot be added last minute, we need to plan suitable staff for each booking in advance.  Please also note a voucher is only valid for the type of session it was offered for.

How long does hair and makeup preparation for a shoot package take?

Typically, the artist(s) will spend about 1-1.5 hours on average to get you ready for your shoot. This is in addition to your shoot time.

What is your studio space like? 

CYDEX!A shoots primary with a combination of natural and artifical light resulting in the style of images you see. The space is relatively modern in style and very minimal, with bright with natural light for optimum photo results, with dark brown hardwood, white surroundings with some blue and turquoise accents, large windows, a bed-style platform to pose on, sheets (upon advance request), sheepskin, and few additional highlights. Please see some images.

Can I bring my boyfriend / husband / friend / cat / baby to the shoot?

The short answer is no: We often serve multiple clients in one day. While there is adequate privacy in the space during any shoot, away from prying eyes, you may run into another (female) client. For comfort and peace of mind of other clients, we do not allow a boyfriend or husband to be onsite. Also, due to the size of the space and the flow of work, we recommend that only clients visit the space. Also, consider that an ‘audience’ may actually change the dynamics of your session and make you or our team feel less at ease. There are often female artists attending to your hair or makeup or another female client's needs onsite in the makeup room, but if you absolutely need to bring one female friend to your session to feel comfortable, please let us know in advance. We do not allow pets or children onsite for multiple obvious reasons. 

Can I bring / heat up food at your space during my session?

We do not allow hot food or open food to be onsite. You may enjoy your wrapped or bagged snack or beverage, coffee, bottled water, chips, protein bar, cookies, fruit, etc.

Can I and one or more of my girl friends arrange photo sessions for all of us together?

Absolutely. We actually have some very popular special packages for this (see girl friend shoots)

Do you also have a female boudoir photographer I could book with instead?

Sorry, we do not. But if you are reading this, you are most likely already drawn to the natural feel, elegance and simple beauty of the provocative imagery produced by CYDEX!A. This is essentially the result of CYDEX!A's eye for sensuality, showcasing a woman's beauty in a tasteful, yet very appealing manner. What produces this, is a combination of: experience, a dash of male perspective, tasteful posing of the subject, falttering point of view for each pose, proper knowledge of lighting a woman's curves and features, and an overall personal mindset and outlook by a photographer that is able to distinguish beautiful and provocatively risqué, from sexually vulgar. Unfortunately, another photographer, male or female, would have their own, possibly different style, approach, and taste in images. With many years of experience working with private cients, CYDEX!A will help you feel at ease in lingerie or less, even if this is your first boudoir shoot ever.

I had a session with you 2 years ago, can I receive my selected photos again or order new ones? 

We often do not archive your photos for extended periods of time due to storage space limitations. There is no negative, or film, as everything is shot digitally from the beginning and digital shoots consume considerable storage space and we often do not even store RAWs.  We do archive your shoot for a fee if you explicitly request this before it is purged, if you plan to order more images in the future. 

What is your refund policy? 

Photography, makeup and hair, and lash extensions, are custom, rendered services, and a refund is not available. If you are a voucher holder, or otherwise book a session and do not attend your session at the time and date specified, we may forfeit your voucher or payment in full or part. Expired vouchers are only valid for the amount you actually paid, towards only the service it was purchased for.


Can I edit my own photos / get unedited photos?

What we deliver to you represents our work: it may not always represent our taste, as it is your shoot, but it represents the quality, and standard of a photographer's work, and as such, we do not deliver work that is not edited to our standard, and we do not wish to have images published by anyone for public viewing (such as social media, magazines, books, portfolios, websites) with additional or varied editing (including crops, retouches, colour changes etc.) that do not represent our original work.  Your purchase of a photography service does not give you the copyright to the work, it is only a license to use the resulting work for your purposes, so you are not permitted to post or publish modified images. For private use however, such as a gift to your partner, or your own keepsake, which does not involve displaying the images for the public, you may modify the images as you wish, to your taste and style.

I am 16 or 18. Will you shoot me?

We shoot 16+ minors only with written consent of a parent and in their presence as chaperone. Also, all shoots need to be fully age-appropriate in nature, this strictly applies and suitability determination is at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to refuse any concepts or session requests that we feel are inappropriate for a minor's age. If you look young but are 19 or older, we may ask for a picture ID to ensure you are an adult.


I am disabled / injured / pregnant / overweight. Will you shoot me?

We try to accommodate as best as we can, however certain types of shoots are physically demanding, or have safety concerns if you are obese, on mind altering medications, pregnant, disabled, or have other restrictions or that limit your mobility, range of motion, endurance or balance stability. We require you to contact us directly with particulars of your case so we can either modify to accommodate or advise you that we may not be able to offer you a certain type of session due to your circumstances.


Do you have / offer parking during my visit?

There is no complimentary or dedicated parking. Please allow some time to locate street meter parking or public parking in the area, if you are not taking a cab or dropped off. Public lots are approximately a block away, operated by West Park - Lot 037 One Pacific @ 998 Expo Blvd. / Lot 036 Expo & Pacific @ 1050 Expo Blvd.