CYDEX!A offers only particular photography styles, essentially: creative headshots and beauty shots, boudoir lingerie and sensual portraits, artistic nudes and glamour nudes, and model poertolfios. We do not offer family portraits, casual or business portraits, event photography, location photography, infants, spaces, pets etc. All photography is digital. No film photography is offered. Fees for services rendered are non-refundable. Since this is a creative service, we do not promise a deadline for delivery, suitability of deliverables for any specific purpose, or fitness for your taste.

CYDEX!A does not share or distribute any images from privately comissioned photosessions in any medium or form. Your privacy is important to us and we do our best to protect it. Only our small trusted staff has access to the images. The images you see in our gallery and social media are published with express permission. Due to strong desire of most private clients to keep the images for their eyes only, most of our published images are of models. However, we have served hundreds of clients of any age, from 19 to 70! We do not take responsibility for privacy of images requested to be delivered via methods other than what we offer as part of our service.


Services are offered subject to availability of our team members and with prior booking only, at our discretion, some weekdays and some weekends, we do not guarantee a preferred date or time would be available until we confirm it once a booking request is processed. There are no walk-in or same day services, please book ahead. There are no guaranteed timeline for delivery of your previews or final images. Delivery varies greatly based on many factors. We do not promise delivery for any certain date, or a deadline you might have, we only do our best but cannot be held liable if we fail. Please do not purchase our services if you need a guarantee by a certain delivery date.

CYDEX!A offers advertised services at a designated space in Downtown Vancouver. This space is selected to be suitable based on the nature of your service and amenities required, at our discretion. Due to logistics and variability of conditions, CYDEX!A usually does not offer location shoots. Deliverable pickups are at the same space in Vancouver. We do not deliver or drop off to other locations.


The sole and primarily means of communication we offer to book your session, order your photos, and/or discuss any matters in regards to your session or photos is via email and this website's booking and contact pages. We do not offer speedy support or guarantee to be available to you at any particular time or date for support. We are a very small operation and we do not offer phone support at all. We do not offer support to clients via social media, text messaging, phone calls, voice messages, or any other means of communication other than email and website. Due to the size of our team and the volume of clients, please note it may take us considerable time to respond to your communication via email or the website. Our urgent and time sensitive processes, i.e. booking or cancelling a session, payments, are fully automated and do not require us to reach you personally within a specific timeframe. Other matters such as inquiries on new orders, deliveries, questions, and other concerns are not time sensitive and would be answered when we can, we do not promise a speedy response even for new orders. If you do not consider this satisfactory, please do not purchase our services. 


Upon payment in full, you are permitted to use, your final delivered images, digitally and in print, as you wish, without limitation, for personal or other uses. CYDEX!A retains the copyright to all images produced. We remain the sole rights holder to the images. Please refer to the Canadian Copyright Act for Photography or a summary if you have any questions regarding this matter.


CYDEX!A does not deliver 'originals' of images to clients as part of any photo sessions. Your session entitles you to a license to use only a select number of retouched images deliverered to you digitally. If you are interested in adiitional retouched images, full digital copy of your photo session without retouching, or print services for images, these can be arranged for extra fees. For certain sessions, a license to the entire digital shoot is available for a fee.

Please note CYDEX!A guarantees to store any commissioned photographs for only a period of 10 calendar days from the date you we deliver your selected images of the session. We do not guarantee images would be kept beyond this period, due to storage constraints. This does not apply to any images scheduled for delivery to you, once you have made your selections from previews. If you wish to have a full copy of originals archived for future selection or additional orders, please advise us, a $25 one time fee may apply for storage for a period of one year from your shoot date.


Certain photo sessions include hair and makeup services in their package prices. If your package does not include a service but you wish to have it at your session, you need to notify us at the time of booking your session. Since we offer services by appointment only, only staff onsite will be based on services scheduled. Makeup and hair add-ons are available for additional fees from $65 to $95 depending on requirements and other factors, please inquire.


Please provide at the time of booking to be able to redeem. 
- the package option your voucher or certificate speficies
- your voucher code (an 8 digit code, no letters, only numbers).
If you book a session without a verifiable voucher or certificate included, we may cancel your request or require a deposit to schedule you. You may book a session with a voucher or certificate at any time prior to its expiry, but the actual session's date can be after the expiry. If you attempt to book the session after the expiry, we consider your certificate or voucher expired.


Bookings not cancelled by 48 hours of their date, are subject to forfeiture of your deposit / certificates / voucher. A rebooking fee for your service may be charged in lieu of forfeiture, solely at our discretion. Please note we do not offer refunds if we have already carried out the photo session for you, regardless of your creative or artistic opinion of the results, delivery timeline, or any other reason other than failure to produce images for you due to incidents, such as loss of data or technical failures. 


CYDEX!A reserves the right to refuse service to any individual due to a number of reasons, including but not limited to compatibility, availability, suitability, health or hygiene risks, measures of taste and tact, moral and legal considerations, or creative espionage. If we refuse services to you, we will arrange for refund of any deposit or pre-purchase amounts you incurred in the process.